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Price Guide
Below are a set of typical painting and decorating jobs and a guide to how they are priced. My current daily rate is £140. All guides are for reference only but a set price will be given after the job has been seen.

Average size bedroom repaint with feature wall

A typical bedroom will take 5L of wall paint (around £40), 5L of ceiling paint (supplied at cost), 1L of woodwork paint (around £20) and three rolls of  wallpaper. Caulking, hole filling & preparation materials all included in service price. Labour costs for full job will be approximately £280


Feature wall and three walls painted - approx £140


Feature wall only - approx £70

Tenement room repaint with feature wall including cornice & sash windows

10L paint for walls (Approx £60), 2.5L paint for woodwork (approx £30)

3 rolls of wallpaper. Again all preparation cost is included in service price of approx £630


Feature wall and three walls painted -  approx £210


Feature wall - approx £70

The bigger the job the better the value!

Theres a significant reduction in cost per room for lager jobs.

Full repaint of split level hall with spindled ballustrade and 7 doors and frames

7.5-10L wall paint, 5L woodwork paint. Labour cost approx £700.

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